Leg Press to Squat Calculator

Leg Press to Squat Calculator

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Best Squat Exercises

1- Traditional Back Squat: The quintessential squat variation, where the barbell is rested on the upper back, and the individual descends into a squat position, keeping the chest up and the knees tracking over the toes.

2- Front Squat: This variation involves placing the barbell on the front shoulders. The elbows are kept high to secure the bar in place. This squat emphasizes the quadriceps and requires good thoracic mobility and core strength.

3- Sumo Squat: Performed with a wider stance and the toes pointed slightly outwards. It targets the inner thighs, glutes, and quadriceps. It can be done with a barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebells.

4- Overhead Squat: This advanced squat requires holding a weight (typically a barbell) overhead with arms fully extended during the entire squat. It demands excellent mobility, balance, and strength throughout the body.

5- Goblet Squat: A beginner-friendly variation where a dumbbell or kettlebell is held close to the chest with both hands. It helps in mastering squat depth and form while focusing on the quads, glutes, and core.

6- Pistol Squat: A challenging single-leg squat that requires significant balance, strength, and mobility. The non-working leg is extended forward, and the individual lowers down on the working leg, keeping the other leg off the ground.

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