You are currently viewing vidIQ worth it or not? A to Z guide to help you decide

vidIQ worth it or not? A to Z guide to help you decide

If you’re here, your certainly asking: is vidIQ worth it or not?

Well, we’re not answering.

You, by yourself, are going to be able to answer this question after reading this honest review for one of the most powerful YouTube marketing tools, vidIQ.

According to Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO, over 400 hours of content is uploaded daily on YouTube.

With such amount of competition, you certainly need a booster that can help you step your first steps throughout this tough but worthy journey.

To help you decide whether vidIQ worth it or not, we will give you a glimpse about vidIQ’s features, pricing and plans, what are people saying about it, the interface, ease of use, and much more !!

Before we start ..

Before we go on with our review for today, we need you to understand something important.

Keep the following simple sentence at the back of your mind throughout your journey on YouTube:


It’s extremely important to understand that good content is the key and will always be.

Of course, marketing tools can give you a huge advantage over your competitors, however, without good content, you’re simply wasting more money.

Now if your content is good, be honest :), then let’s move on ..

Starting with vidIQ best features that made it on the list of top YouTube marketing tools.

1- Features

“Designed to boost your YouTube views”

This is stated clearly as the opener sentence on vidIQ’s home page.

It is the end goal of using vidIQ tools kit, that include:

a- Daily Ideas Generator

With this tool, you’ll never ever run out of ideas again.

Tons of videos are published daily on YouTube, and it can be tough to come up with new ideas for your videos with such level of competition.

It’s really hard when you’re burnt out to brainstorm ideas that resonate with your audience.

However, vidIQ is here to help.

With this amazing tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyse your competitors, you will never run out of ideas.

This tool is extremely smart to the point that it analyses recent trends in your niche, something already working, and suggests similar ideas for you to make videos about, daily.

Check this video !!!

b- Support

There is nothing more powerful than learning the business from those who already made it on YouTube.

Experience is the dealbreaker in such a competitive world.

With MAX group coaching offered by vidIQ, you’ll learn YouTube secrets from the best in business, some of the world’s most famous Youtubers who won in the game of YouTube.

  • You will get answers to all of your burning questions by simply asking your growth expert coaches.
  • You will get an access to extremely valuable in-depth lessons and interactive Q&A, all recorded for you to watch in your free time.
  • You will be a member of a supportive environment shared by thousands of Youtubers who are keen to success, just like you, trading experience and reflecting together on the way up.
  • You will get an access to extremely powerful tools that can generate titles for you, give you daily ideas and prepare regular reports for you to reflect on.

c- Keywords analysis tool

Just after Google, the world’s largest search engine, YouTube lies.

When we say YouTube is a search engine, we mean that it’s all about correctly choosing your keywords.

The concept is simple, people search for certain keywords daily on YouTube’s search bar, and you want to target those keywords with the:

1- Largest search volume.

2- Lowest levels of competitiveness.

And here comes to the rescue the suit of keywords tools provided by vidIQ.

It’s one of the tools that makes vidIQ worth it definitely.

vidIQ keyword analysis tool

These tools can help you leverage your YouTube SEO game by:

  • Suggesting relevant trending keywords to target.
  • Analysing keywords in terms of search volume, average subscribers, age, competition and more.
  • With the Keywords Inspector tool, you will get a glimpse over the related keywords of a root keyword that you type.
  • Furthermore, it will show you the videos that are ranking for this keyword, and the general interest over time, which can save you a lot of time and effort by avoiding keywords and ideas that are losing the luster around them.
  • vidIQ has a tool that can translate your keywords for you.
  • Imagine how cool would it be to cater to multiple languages. vidIQ can translate your video titles, descriptions, and keyword tags for you, just in simple clicks.
Vidiq Youtube keywords analysis tool

Get vidIQ now and start crushing it on YouTube

d- Channel Audit tool

Have you ever dreamed about having a professional consultant who is available for you 24/7 to answer your questions and give you tips?

Well, vidIQ has built one for you !!

With this powerful tool, you’ll get valuable insights about how your content is performing and what are the areas that need your attention.

Also, there is a dedicated section about performance that gives you details regarding:

  • Views per Hour (VPH).
  • Engagement rate.
  • YouTube subscribers gained.
  • Competitor stats.
  • Total and average Watch Time.
  • Top audience retention.
  • Top YouTube Playlist.
  • Traffic being sent your way by videos uploaded by other channels.
Channel audit feature by vidIQ

e- Competitors analysis tool

Keeping an eye on competitors is mandatory if you want to make it on YouTube.

You can easily add competitor channels you want to track and get powerful insights about what’s working for them.

“To see how your competitors are doing based on their Views Per Hour, open up the vidIQ button on your browser, then click on ‘Competition.’ The new tab will compare your Channel with any other Channel on YouTube! To add a competitor just copy and paste their channel ID to the “Add” box”.

competitor analysis by vidIQ

f- vidIQ scorecards

This is one of the most powerful features that vidIQ offers.

It’s an amazing tool that gives you valuable data in the form of simple scorecards.

This data covers:

1- Overview

Data that are deep in YouTube analytics can be easily visualised now using vidIQ scorecards.

Get an instant top-level view of how your videos are performing out there and make decisions accordingly.

And to make your life easier, important data is colour coded so that you get the whole picture just by a simple look.

Channel overview by vidIQ

2- Social engagement

In this section, you will gete some insights about how your videos are performing across social media channels such as Facebook and Reddit.

It’s something that surely has made vidIQ worth it.

social engagement vidIQ

3- SEO Feedback

SEO can be a dealbreaker on YouTube.

It’s crucial to make sure that your content is well optimized so that it ranks well.

Easily track how your tags are performing against your competitors.

You can use this valuable info to make edits on your videos so that they perform better.

SEO feedback vidIQ

4- Video optimization checklist

You know Yoast SEO WordPress plugin that helped millions of people optimize their articles?

This checklist is similar.

It’s really exciting and contains 15 points to follow to make sure you don’t miss any point while optimizing your videos for YouTube’s search engine.

optimization checklist vidIQ

5- Channel Analytics

Nothing more powerful than data-driven choices.

With this section, you will get complete insights about different aspects of your channel such as views and subscribers, so that you see the whole picture of your performance and make decisions accordingly.

channel analytics

6- Video tags

VidIQ’s video tags feature will show you all the tags a video is using and how these tags are enabling the video to rank on YouTube.

Another amazing feature that makes vidIQ worth it.

g- Thumbnails generator tool

You no longer need a designer for your thumbnails.

With this thumbnails generator tool, you can easily add text, shapes, custom images and create templates that are eye-catching.

Just go to your YouTube Video Manager page, where you’ll find a vidIQ button. Click on ‘Thumbnail Editor’, then choosing a frame from your video, or uploading one. Then you can add a color, font and border for your text plus a range of other features.

The editor even will even show you how each thumbnail looks across YouTube, Facebook & Twitter!

Thumbnails generator tool vidIQ

Leaders answering your question: is vidIQ worth it?

Testimonial 1 about vidIQ

Marina Mogilko – 7M Subscribers, 529.1M Views

“vidIQ is a must! My favorite feature is vidIQ Boost – it helps with keywords and understanding other creators’ perspectives on the topic I am working on.”

Chad Wild Clay – 14.4M Subscribers, 6.27B Views

“vidIQ helps me in many ways. One is their Video Boost which finds the most relevant keywords and tags.”

Evan Carmichael – 3.53M Subscribers, 500.35M Views

“I use vidIQ every single day to help my YouTube channel grow. My favorite feature is the trending videos in the sidebar.”

Pricing and plans

VidIQ plans and pricing

When it comes to joining vidIQ family, you have 4 choices.

If you’re just starting on YouTube, focus on your content quality and be consistent.

Signing up for the free version of vidIQ may be enough for you to get familiar with the business and collect some data.

However, as you move forward in your YouTube journey, we recommend that you subscribe to one of vidIQ premium plans.

The Pro plan is basically for those who are interested in levelling up their keyword research game.

It was found by experience that vidIQ keyword research tool is very accurate compared to other keyword research tools such as TubeBuddy.

So, if you’re someone who is planning to primarily boost the SEO part of your channel, the pro plan is for you.

Moving forward to the Boost & Boost+ plans.

They’re more advanced with tons of amazing features.

With these plans, you will:

  • Get valuable insights to do your on-page SEO more efficiently and optimize your videos.
  • Get notified about recent trends and viral videos on YouTube.
  • Get access to the bulk SEO optimization tool that’s going to save you time optimizing your videos so that they rank better.
  • Get recommendations for writing better SEO titles and descriptions.
  • The Boost+ plan comes with the huge advantage of group coaching and live sessions with experts.

Get vidIQ now and start crushing it on YouTube

Frequently asked questions

Is VidIQ better than TubeBuddy?

There is no short answer for this question.

Each tool has its own features that makes it special in a way.

However, VidIQ’s keyword research tool has been found to be more accurate that TubeBuddy’s tool.

Also, VidIQ’s other SEO tools are very user friendly, you’ll find yourself using them on daily basis to generate video ideas and tags for your videos.

To be honest, the bulk SEO editor of TubeBuddy is better in many ways, however, vidIQ’s bulk editor can get the job done for you, and it’s a sort of fair compromise with the other benefits and amazing feature that you’ll have.

Is it safe to connect YouTube channel to VidIQ?

The answer is YES, 100%.

It is safe to use VidIQ to the point that they partnered with YouTube to give you greater features and more accurate data.

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