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Tripled keywords vidiq: Free trick to win in YouTube SEO

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You’re reading this because you searched for “Tripled keywords vidIQ”.

We’re here to explain this term for you and show how important it is.

In short, “Tripled keywords” term in VidIQ means that you followed the correct SEO practice by adding your targeted keywords in the most important 3 sites in your videos:

1- Your videos titles.

2- Your videos descriptions.

3- Your videos tags.

This means that your videos are well optimized SEO wisely, and that they’ll start ranking for the chosen keywords (if the content was good).

Where to find Tripled keywords metric in VidIQ?

Tripled keywords score in VidIQ

Tripled keywords are part of VidIQ scoreborads.

When you analyze your videos through VidIQ, you’ll get an SEO scoreboard like this one.

a- Overall SEO score: reflects the general efforts you’ve done to optimize your videos for the search engine.

b- Tag count: number of tags used.

c- Tag volume: number of individually popular tags used.

d- Kewyords in title: number of keywords used in video’s title.

e- Keywords in description: number of keywords used in video’s description.

f- Tripled keywords: like we mentioned, reflects the usage of targeted keywords in title (d), description (e) and tags (b).

How to do your keyword research via VidIQ?

As we mentioned in our previous VidIQ review, YouTube is the second largest search engine following Google.

This reflects how important it is to play the game of keywords according to the rules.

The most important two factors to consider when choosing your videos’ keywords are:

1- Monthly search volume of the keyword.

2- Relative competition.

These two factors can be analyzed for every keyword you consider through VidIQ keywords research tool.

The sum of these two factors is reflected through the overall keyword score.

The higher the score for the keyword, the easier it is to rank your videos for it.

VidIQ keywords research tool

VidIQ keywords tool has more to offer you beyond this simple but valuable analysis, including:

  • Suggesting you trending keywords to use and create content about.
  • Suggesting you related keywords to a root keyword/topic you provide so that you never run out of ideas.
  • Saving you time that you may waste on creating content about keywords that people are losing interest in, by showing you levels of interest over time.
  • Saving you extra cost of a dedicated translator, by translating your keywords to any language you want.
  • Spying on competitors and providing you with a list of keywords used by them, and much much more !

Tripled Kewyords VidIQ: Explained

In today’s post, we explained a very important YouTube SEO metric provided by VidIQ, which is tripled keywords.

Remember that using keywords in your videos’ titles, descriptions and tags is crucial for a higher SEO score and better rankings.

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