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Best AI writing tool: 1500+ word articles in minutes

With the power of this best AI writing tool, you can easily write powerful, long-form piece of content in minutes.

Sounds too good to be true right?


To begin with, AI writing assistants are not meant to do the job for you.

They’re used to optimize your writings and boost your productivity.

Even the best AI writing tool cannot do the job on its own.

These tools need to be provided with context, by you, so that they function properly. There are tons of AI powered content writing tools out there.

Best AI writing tool

They vary in terms of pricing, quality of content produced, categories of content that they can produce and more. Overall, I would strongly recommend Scalenut as the ultimate balance between all relevant factors.

Scalenut is an AI powered content creation tool that can truly change the game for you. It is an emerging tool that’s considered one of the best AI tools in the market these days.

It is a simple, scalable tool to produce content that serves your business goals. Scalenut has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 on different leading marketing products review sites, like Capterra and Trustpilot, which indicates that this tool is already working for too many content creators worldwide.

scalenut rating by G2

100K+ users globally are using Scalenut to write: 1- Powerful Ad copies 2- Products descriptions 3- Emails. 4- Landing pages 5- SEO-friendly, short & long-form blog posts.

It has +30 content planning, creation and marketing tools that can tackle every single content need of your business.

AI templates by scalenut

Cruise mode AI writer by Scalenut

Using cruise mode AI writer by Scalenut, you can generate thousands of words withing minutes with simple steps.

1- Start with providing context

Give context to AI writer by writing a short description of what you want AI to write. The more the context, the better the content.

2- Add title for your article

3- Create blog outline using SERP analysis feature

Finalize the structure of your blog by selecting the ranking or H-tags generated by AI and frequently asked questions from Quora, Reddit, Google, and more, per your liking.

4- Provide writing points for each headline or use AI to generate

Here, you will see all the headings and topics put together from the previous steps. Choose the writing points for each of the headings. By now you know — you can either choose from the AI-Generated points or add your own!

5- Get your first draft of the blog, it’s this simple

There you have it! Your very first draft of the blog. Export it to our text editor and make edits if needed.

5 steps of scalenut cruise mode

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